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Visual Studio 2015 - Apache Cordova: The debugger cannot continue running the process. unable to start debugging cordova

If you have upgraded Visual Studio 2015 from RTM or earlier version to the release one and try to build an Apache Cordova project you might see this error.

When I got this error I tried to Repair the VS2015 install, uninstalled and reinstalled VS2015 and even reinstalled Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova but nothing helped. I searched on the internet and finally found the answer here ...

All you need to do is:

    1. Close all VS instances
    2. cd %appdata%\Local\Microsoft\Phone Tools”
    3. rename CoreCon folder to something else
    4. Launch VS again
    Visual Studio will recreate the CoreCon folder with correct content and then you should be able to see the "Ripple" emulator and build Cordova projects.

    Happy coding...